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Many pregnant women get intense cravings, and studies show that the number one craving is for chocolate. You might be avoiding chocolate because it is “bad for you” or “bad for the baby.” However, chocolate is actually proving to have unexpected health benefits, and these benefits may be doubly important for pregnant women and the development of healthy babies.

We know that chocolate makes us naturally happier. It releases endorphins which act to dull pain and just make us generally feel better. It also stimulates the brain and body. Recent research has found that chocolate can also have positive effects on the fetus. The infants whose mothers ate chocolate regularly throughout pregnancy were found more inclined to smiling, laughter, and were more easily soothed. Strangely enough, it seems that chocolate can make both you and your baby happier.

Chocolate also has several health benefits when taken wisely. Chocolate, especially dark, is full of powerful antioxidants that protect against cell damage. This can be important especially when your body is under the stress of pregnancy. It can also help against fatigue and be preventative against future diseases. When you are pregnant you are more prone to exhaustion as your body supports the development of another person.

Gestational hypertension can happen because of the increased blood volume during pregnancy. Theobromine is a natural substance found in chocolate that fights against fatigue by stimulating the heart. It also increases circulation in the placenta to aid in fetal development. Magnesium is another element in chocolate that is important during pregnancy in the development of the fetus’ brain. Since chocolate has many good substances in it, it may be that when you are craving chocolate you are in fact craving something your body needs.

Obviously chocolate alone is not enough to give you all the vitamins you need during pregnancy. It would be impossible for you to get all you need in your diet alone, and that is why prenatal vitamins are so important. The prenatal vitamin and chocolate have actually now been combined so you have a good tasting prenatal chocolate. These are great because they have been specifically designed for health conscious women during their pregnancy. Taking a chocolate vitamin can allow you to give in to your craving while at the same time monitoring how much chocolate you eat. It is the perfect solution for someone who needs to take a daily vitamin anyway. There are also other “healthy” chocolates you can invest in such as dark chocolate or sugar free, or chocolates to boost energy, creating more ways to ease cravings without having to feel guilty after.

Chocolate has many benefits, but anything in excess is bad for you. Regular chocolate is high in sugar and not good for you in disproportionate amounts. Make smart choices about your chocolates, make sure you are moderate in your intake, and make sure you are taking care of yourself and keeping yourself healthy and then you can let loose and give in to some of those cravings.

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