Beauty Tips For Women

Author: beyli

Mainly of the working ladies do not get that quality time to spend on their face so for them my only suggestion is to be natural with a little bit of eye-shadow which can work wonder on your face. Suvijmon-regard, eye shadows by Bourjo is Paris is one among the best in the market and believes me, it works.Women Beauty Care

Too much make up means that do not use us bad quality make up. Go for the brand which never creates any side effect on your face, after all your body is the best gift given by the god, specially your face so protect it in the best way possible. One golden rule to great healthy skin.

For me the only issue that can result into a bright skin is to be happy, eat a healthy diet with fresh products and the of course drink lots of water. One more thing that can affect your skin in a positive way is to take bed latest by 10 o' clock. I know it's impossible in such a workaholic scenario but include it in a daily routine and see the outcome. What is make-up - an art to hide flaws OR enhance your beauty? Health and Beauty Care

Be natural with your skin and your skin will the love it. What all the women couldn't do to understand their skin and its need to better. Listen to your intuition; do not choose a product because others are using it or publicizing it. Earlier women's were very particular about the brand; you can say that it takes one day for them to select one lipstick brand but now the scenario is totally opposite.

Women's attitude towards make up has changed so the market. The trends this period with do is and does notes. One can go crazy with coolers like luscious pinks and reds for your lips. The face for this season should be stark and natural.

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If you are considering what Home Health and Beauty Care to use health and beauty care product Women Beauty Care!

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Use Sound Therapy to Free Yourself From Fear

Author: Bill Mann

Are you suffering from fears that keep you from living the life you want? Did you know that there are effective tools and techniques available (I know of 22 of them) for overcoming fear and living life free from fears and phobias? One of these powerful tools is Sound Therapy. Let's talk about how you can use the power of Sound Therapy to cure fear.

Sound Therapy is a powerful set of tools for overcoming fear. There are numerous types of Sound Therapy commonly used in the treatment of fears and phobias. Here are 5 powerful types:

Sound Medicine is a vibrational healing tool. Practitioners believe that everything has an innate geometrical form and that you can use differing pitches of sound to properly align the geometry of your cells and eliminate fears and discomfort.

Music can lift your mood and stimulate positive emotions. Popular or classical, guitar, flute, harp, whatever genre and instruments make you feel better become a simple form of Sound Therapy.

Solfeggio Frequencies are specific sound frequencies that the ancients believed provide spiritual blessings. These special frequencies are said to have been incorporated into Gregorian Chants, including several that have been lost to history. Now these same frequencies are being applied to treat a variety of problems and conditions.

Brain Wave Entrainment is an approach that gradually draws your brain waves into desired patterns and frequencies. For our purposes you should know that some of these frequencies are resistant to stress and fear and can calm you when entered.

Chanting works much like brain wave entrainment and can be used to move your mind into a state that is relaxed and no longer fearful.

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This is just one of the many techniques for curing fears and phobias I would like to share with you. If you would like to learn more about how to apply this technique as well as learn about 21 more tools that can help you cure fear permanently, please go to the Be Free From Fear website at

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The Miracles of Color Therapy

Author: Phillip Scott

While most of us turn to modern medicine for answers to painful questions regarding illness, health and personal wellness, there are some of us who tend to look toward nature for long-term sustainable solutions that occasionally seem more logical and easy to implement.

The ancient science and art of color therapy is one of several approaches to good health and is rapidly being recognized globally as a predominantly potent form of alternative medicine.

What is Color Therapy

Color Therapy or chromotherapy is the ancient science and art of using the power of colors for restorative health and personal well-being. The ancient Egyptians believed that one of their gods, Thoth, was the divine originator of the method of healing with natural colors. Both the ancient Indians and the Greeks also used color to treat the weak and the infirm. Their premise was based on the hypothesis that since the human body contained fluids of different colors such as bile (yellow), blood (red) and phlegm (white), colors control the human disposition. Modern science including behavioral science recognizes that colors can have a long-lasting impression on our moods and many colors have a calming effect on us. Color therapy involves identifying the source of the ailment and treating it with the color associated with the ailment. Since color therapy is totally non-invasive, it is easy to administer and never has any side effects.

How is Color Therapy Administered?

There are essentially three ways in which color therapy is administered. Many color therapy experts use a combination of these modalities and often recommend the use of specific products known for their potent color-based healing properties.

Spot Therapy

In this approach, a specific color is applied to a part of the body either through direct touch or through colored light. Regular treatment cycles are set up and the patient’s progress is monitored regularly.

Chakra Color Therapy

The ancient science of Indian medicine called Ayurveda believes that there are specific energy points in our bodies called Chakras, which have a deep association with our health and wellness. The Chakra associated with the malady is pin pointed and the appropriate color is administered in one of several ways to the location of the Chakra. This can include direct exposure to specific colored products, which may have additional therapeutic qualities, exposure to colored light, and the wearing of gemstones, which remain in constant touch with the human body.

Pyramid Color Therapy

In this form of color therapy, the power bestowed by Nature on the geometrical shapes of the Egyptian Pyramids is combined with the soothing and healing properties of colors to bring curative relief.

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Dr. Philip Scott is the CEO of Soul Journeys, an Internet company located in California, which markets a wide range of color therapy products for personal growth and wellness through its recently launched website The company also provides its audience with many resources on alternative medicine, which are frequently updated. The website provides a safe and secure shopping experience to its visitors through an easy-to-use shopping cart and payment gateway. For more information, please write to Dr. Scott at

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