Colour Therapy and Candle Therapy

Author: Trevor Mayes

Using candles as therapy has been around for thousands of years, and has been practiced by nearly every religion from the ancient Egyptians to the present day.

The candle flame provides a focus and candle therapy can be used to unite the powers of mind, body, and spirit. Candles have lit our way through many millennia not only as the only source of light but also symbolically as the flame of life in celebrations and ceremonies, proclamations and processions. Candle light creates an almost hypnotic and tranquil atmosphere that allows the mind to drift off into a very special place or retreat from the pressures of every day life.

A candle acts as a reflection of our selves as we would like to be and helps us plan how we can bring about positive change to make our dreams come true. On a spiritual level, the candle reflects the spiritual changes we would like to bring about in ourselves. The candle flame acts as a reminder and a symbol of our burning desires. Sometimes we have to allow our subconscious to take over and allow a force more powerful than we are to give us guidance. Simply lighting a candle of a particular colour or essential oil will assist in other therapy methods such as colour breathing and visualisation.

Candle therapy is important in colour therapy and to assist in meditation as it is the vibration of the flame that helps put you in touch with our spiritual or higher self. The colour of the candle and the aroma of scented candles is a way of including the colours you need to correct any imbalance in your aura or chakras. However, you do not need to light them as simply having them as a decoration to look at with also assist in the colour therapy healing process. You should never blow out a candle as folklore has it that it will offend the fire element and the spirits, candles should be extinguished using a snuffer or by dunking in the molten wax.

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Trevor Mayes is a qualified colour therapist and proprietor of Colour Counselling Therapy Healing which specialises in online diagnostic colour therapy and healing gemstones which is particularly suitable for stress relates issues. His interests are shamanism, the Runes, music, photography, growing vegetables, biking, mountaineering, sailing and canoe surfing.

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