Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Author: Sarah Reddingworth
Do you need to get a good nights sleep when you go bed? Is insomnia plaguing you? Read this article and get back into the rhythm of a good nights sleep in bed. This article will help you accomplish that! Join me as we focus on a good nights sleep. Sleep is an essential factor.

Some can sleep in bed for 4 hours a night, others need a minimum of 8 hours, and sometimes we need more, especially to recover. With bad sleeping patterns, insomnia, etc, it really can affect our daytime life. So getting the right balance is essential. There can be a number of reasons why there is a problem in this area. If it is insomnia, then it generally is that we take our daytime problems to bed. We try to sleep while our minds are rushing around the problems in life. This is a major cause of insomnia. Ever tried sleeping the night before an interview or exam? We could be up till 4am, trying to sleep! We could try to figure out solutions we don't even know the questions to. Our mouths might get dry, and we get up to drink water 10 times in one night, rustling in bed and all that! The first step is to leave those thoughts out of your bed. Your bed is for sleeping in. So leave the problems. If you can't then a good idea is to say mind - deal with this or God - deal with this and leave it at that. If that doesn't work, then imagine a light bulb in your mind, and mentally switch off the lights, then have a good nights sleep. Your bed may also be an issue, if your mattress is old. Try turning the mattress over to even out and balance the springs or coils. Also consider buying a new bed or mattress. This is a great way to get major comfort. Memory foam mattresses are great if you have back problems. If you have a partner in bed and it is a small bed, consider getting a king size! This can be a great way to give you more room. Another solution is hypnosis. There are a lot of courses on CD that can help with insomnia. Play it back and it can have a major effect to program you to sleep peacefully. Another option is to look at your eating habits. Eating just before sleeping is not a great idea, however nor is an empty stomach. If you find yourself getting up at night for a snack, this is not a bad thing. I for example need to have something in my belly. Having something light before sleeping is a great idea, especially if like me, you just can't sleep on an empty stomach. Bananas are a great idea as it is very light, and gives you potassium which is good for the brain. Another solution is meditation, which works so well. Select the time you want to sleep, and half an hour before sit in a chair, in quietness, quiet the mind, and focus on silence. Make your mind be like still water, and if you can do this you will find that your brainwaves calm down which makes you feel tired, at which time get into bed and have a great blissful sleep. Then it becomes beauty sleep!About the Author:

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