Enjoying the Aroma of Homemade Coffee

Author: Jean Kokus

Read about Home Coffee Bean Roasting.Coffee. It's a delectable word. It makes you follow the aroma especially with the great tasting roasted coffee beans. Coffee is a popular drink at home, in the office, or just about anywhere.

Tastes may vary depending on how the drinker wants the brew of the coffee and the type of coffee beans. Most drinkers, who are so picky about the flavor of their coffee, would consider home coffee bean roasting. We may think of home coffee bean roasting as a complicated process, but it is not. In fact, it does not require a special machine or equipment and any tools to produce the same professional tasting roasted coffee. What is even marvelous about coffee bean roasting is that you could do that with your popcorn popper or stove top pan, and you still get the same roasted coffee beans. But you could also use the help of coffee roasters.

The Process

The process of home coffee bean roasting may not be that difficult and time consuming. It also does not require expensive equipments. To begin with, you would need green coffee beans. You may try Guatemalan Antigua, Colombian Supremo, or Costa Rican Tarrazu. These are just some of the high quality coffee beans you can use. There are more, but of course, if you want to make the best tasting coffee, you have to make use of the right coffee beans.

The next thing is to roast your coffee beans in the coffee roaster, popcorn popper, or stove top pan, whichever you have at home. You will also need pot holders, a cookie sheet to pour the roasted beans out, and a bowl to catch the chaff. A small scale may be helpful to measure the right amount of coffee beans used in each batch and a digital timer to have the right timing for roasting. You might also want to consider roasting coffee beans outside your home, probably the garage or somewhere else to avoid blowing the chaff inside your home.

The whole process would take about 15 to 20 minutes for a cup of coffee beans. But the time would generally depend on how dark you want your green coffee beans roasted. You then drain the beans and let them cool. After which, you have to shake them to remove the outer skin and sift with the use of a mesh cooking screen. Depending on their preference, some would want freshly roasted beans cooled immediately while others would want to let it cool to release carbon dioxide from 4 to 24 hours to have the best tasting coffee. And that's it for home coffee bean roasting.

The Store

There is an increasing number of consumers who prefer home coffee bean roasting. And for these consumers, there are online stores like The Grape and Granary who specializes on supplies, equipment, and ingredients needed in beer brewing, wine brewing, liquor making, cheese making, or coffee bean roasting. You will be flabbergasted at their long list of available items.

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