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It is common knowledge that we should all regularly consume healthy foods. Sadly, most of us do not. Many of us are guilty of gorging on foods that are filled with saturated fat and loads of useless calories. Between meals, we have a tendency to reach for greasy chips or sugary candy bars instead of healthy snacks.

Eating the right foods, eating too much, or not eating enough can affect our health. You need to be able to choose the right types of foods that will improve the way you feel. In order to do this you need to know exactly what foods can hurt your body and what can boost its wellness.

A large number of people around the world are suffering from different types of heart conditions and diseases. The most common cause of heart problems is eating unhealthy, fatty foods. Food rich in saturated fats reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol leads to deposit of fatty acids in the body, which in turn reduces the blood flow to the arteries and causes severe heart problems. It is therefore important to eat healthy food because healthy eating is the key to healthy heart.

One of the worst eating habits is to skip breakfast. There are lots of people who feel that they can manage things without having breakfast. In this fast-paced life, skipping breakfast has really become common which is the reason why people are experiencing different illnesses. You must understand that you have not eaten anything for past 9-10 hours. So, you must never skip breakfast.

Work is often the hardest place to maintain healthy eating habits. Lunch or dinner meetings are all too common – and the food is often catered in. If you do have a choice in the menu, then order something healthy and plan to eat half. With today’s portions, half of the meal should be plenty to fill you up. Offer to split your meal with a colleague, or simply stick it in the fridge for the next day.

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