Weight Loss Begins With a Good Breakfast

Author: James Dittes

Behind every good diet is a great breakfast. A well-managed breakfast is the easiest way to either cut calories out of your day or offset bigger meals you plan to eat for lunch or dinner.

“People who eat breakfast tend to be more organized,” says Dr. Don Gates, owner and medical director of MyDietSolutions.com. They plan out their day, managing the foods they eat and setting aside time for physical activity.

Breakfast not only provides an opportunity for dieters to stock up on nutritious, protein-rich foods, it also utilizes what they eat to provide extra energy through the day--energy they will need to exercise and stay fit.

“[Breakfast-eaters] get fewer calories from saturated fat and more calories from carbohydrates and protein," Gates adds. "They also tend to be more active and make better food choices."

Some great breakfasts include

  • Grapefruit or orange juice (100 calories per 1-cup serving)

  • Oatmeal (120 to 180 calories per serving)

  • Eggs (from 55-calorie boiled eggs to 100-calorie omelets/ fried eggs)

  • Bacon (from 25-calorie slices of turkey bacon to 45-calorie regular slices)

  • Toast (75 calories a slice)

  • Low-calorie breakfast cereals (be careful to check the box, since many “healthy” brands have calorie counts of over 200)

  • Breakfast or protein bars (again, check the calorie count, since many “energy” bars pack in hundreds of calories)

The worst low-calorie breakfast you can eat has zero calories. Skipping breakfast increases the likelihood of snacking when the hunger hits—or bingeing at a meal later in the day.

About the Author:

James is a Tennessee-based writer and teacher. Having lost 30 pounds over one year, he writes on health and weight-loss issues.

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