Tips for Faster Hair Growth

Author: Gloria Smith

Every one of us wants to have great looking and healthy hair all the time. We make sure to take good care of it because as we near the golden years, we are bound to experience some form of hair loss problems especially if this issue runs in the family. We sigh or even cringe at the thought of this.

But this should not bother us at all if we know the ways to maintain the health of our hair. In fact, we can even supercharge the growth of our hair if we only follow some tried and tested techniques. You may be surprised to hear about this but yes, there is such a thing as growing hair the faster way.

Get the right nutrients. The condition of our hair depends mainly on the nutrients that our body gets from the food we eat. We’ve been told time and again by our parents and teachers that eating a balanced diet is key to a healthy body and this only follows that having a healthy body leads to healthy hair.

The best solution then is to eat right to get the required daily nutrients. For the hair, the essential vitamins and minerals we need are vitamins A, B complex and E as well as calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sulfur and zinc.

Take vitamin supplements. We all need supplements to help us get through the day and boost our immune system. Multivitamin supplements that contain vitamins A, B complex, E, C and minerals such as iodine, iron, potassium and zinc are vital for hair growth. Vitamins can promote hair growth.

Get a regular trim. You may not know this but trimming your hair at least an inch or half an inch every six to eight weeks can help speed up its growth. Try it and you’ll see the results. You may have noticed how slow the hair grows if you don’t cut it for several months, right?

Use mild shampoos. Stay away from very strong shampoos and conditioners, if possible. Use local products that are manufactured specifically for your country’s needs. Sometimes many of us would rather go for the imported and branded products which may not be suitable for our type of hair. What you should do is to pick mild products that fit the type of your hair.

Be nice to your hair. Use a brush with soft bristles to prevent hair fall. If you have long hair, make sure to use a wide-toothed comb first after taking a bath to detangle the hair. Be gentle when brushing your hair to massage your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. For women, it’s also best to avoid making very tight ponytails or using very tight hair clips as these can lead to hair fall.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. In other words, avoid vices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up late often. Don’t let stress get the better of you. Instead, get eight hours of sleep every day, eat right, get some exercise and drink plenty of water, if possible the regular eight glasses a day.

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