Secret Tips For Healthy Skin

Author: Pia Pandora

Tips for healthy skin

I just was blown away.. I just saw Jennifer Hawkins the Miss Universe 2004 winner .

At a luxury soap promotion at our local shopping mall .I happened to be right in the path she chose to exit ,after she was signed autographs.She stopped right in front of me so a young girl could photograph her.She is such a beautiful woman .She appears to wears little make-up and her skin look so youthful ,soft and healthy looking.

On my way home I pondered on how fast life goes by and it only seemed like yesterday that I was Jennifer's age .

Still ,for a lady in my late 40s I still feel healthy and my skin is in good condition.. As I look after it .And so should you !

Here is some tips for healthy skin and some facts about skin you may not know.

Skin is one of the most exposed parts of the body that is noticed by all. Therefore, the marks, lines and other visible signs in the skin bring in more problems to those that have to face these. Skin care treatment should begin right at home,
Skin wrinkling is because of various factors which include age, sun, dryness, genetic combinations, as well as living style etc. And the good news is that you can prevent wrinkling or premature wrinkling by adopting healthy activities and taking care of your skin.My skin is in good condition..

Here is 3 tips for healthy skin and some facts about skin you may not know.

1.One of the easiest and best tips for healthy skin and its drinking water .Drinking lots of water on a daily basis and exercising regularly are also important steps in the most effective skincare routine. Doctors advise us to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. Maintain you food salt and avoid any kind of food that will create allergies

2.Eat a diet full of fresh fish and crisp green salads and the dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach..Try and eat them lightly steamed (without salt or creamy topping like cheese sauces ) etc ,I eat canned tuna in springwater everyday with a nice fresh leafy salad .This will help you tame free radicals those nasty molecules that travel around our body damaging skin cells that helps in making the skin age quicker.

3.Another tips for healthy skin is don't get too much sun . A little is good for your body as it helps our bodies produce vitamin D wear a large hat when out in the sun and sunglasses large enough to cover your eyes and the surrounding skin .

Skin care products these days are laden with so many chemicals that not only put your health at risk but damage your skin rather than help it. You have to be careful when you shop for natural products because many claim to be natural when they are really not. Skin specialists around the world suggest that you should use products with active natural ingredients. This is in order to minimize the chances of allergic reactions and to get the best results.

The skin products that I use at home, have wonder ingredients in them that makes your skin feel soft smooth and youthful .They have the magic ingredients CoQ10's in it. Although CoQ10 is a great ingredient, not all forms are equal. One in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest. This version of it is called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 and is able to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, something that is not possible for others. CoQ10's .

Another tip for healthy skin is to find a skin product with the ingredient Phytessence Wakame .You see this magic ingredient is a type of seaweed, or kelp. It's found around Japan, and is a large part of the Japanese diet. Phytessence Wakame is a kelp from the Japanese Sea and works to block hyaluronidase, a harmful enzyme. This enzyme will attack and destroy the hyahyaluronic acid that is in your skin. Phytessence Wakame is packed with all sorts of wonderful substances that are good for your skin. It is rich in calcium, having 15 times more calcium than milk.

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