How to be happy in married life?

Author: Corina Day

Do you feel down and sad sometimes? Do you fall into depression and wonder what you are doing in this world? We all have doubts about our life purpose and we all want to feel good about ourselves.

Feeling you have a meaning to your life is a great feeling that you are looking for deep down inside of you. You need to decide to change your life now. Decide to have more joy and happiness in your life, this will be your start.

Change your life. Yes, you will need to change your life to be happy. Do you get angry easily. Do you get upset when things go wrong that you didn't expect? This is your life and you will have to decide to change it if you want to be happy. People who are unhappy they really enjoy their own misery. It feels good to worry because if you worry, you will feel more secure and try to avoid bigger risks. Having life without risks isn't a good idea either, but having a life with safe risk or minimal risks that's what everyone dreams about.

Today you will learn what you need to do and where to start. First of all, learn to love yourself. If you love yourself and see the best in yourself it's a good way to start a day. Don't criticize yourself very much. Most of us blame ourselves more than we should. We are always trying to find faults in ourselves and other people, so start your day by viewing yourself positively and love others too.

Change your thinking. You need to change how you think in order to enjoy life. You need to start thinking positively. Positive thoughts is a great way to feel instant happiness. Try to convince yourself that you are happy. Look at everything in a positive light. Next time you are at home or you go outside, tell yourself, "How beautiful this day is." Anything you see or do, take a moment to appreciate and feel grateful you have it or experience. If you see a tree or flower focus on this beauty and enjoy what you see in front of you.

Learn to enjoy your friends and family. If you have kids, take moment to observe and appreciate everything about them. Maybe they look good, smart, funny, cute, just take a moment you will find something positive. Most parents worrying too much that their kids aren't doing something right or have to be taught and supervised, but give your child love and appreciation he deserves. Look at your spouse and realize how happy you are to be married to him or her. We all want to be appreciated and loved, so start acting this way today. If you don't feel your love and appreciation is well received, then try to give to those who really need it. Feel good and make others feel good too.

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