Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

Author: Dr. Thomas Bynes

When it comes to "stirring" up strong emotions, freshly brewed coffee is at the top of the list. Just walking into a coffee house, with its smooth, seductive coffee aroma, is enough to make you want to curl up next to a warm fire with a steaming cup of java.

In the past, however, there have been many negative articles and news reports about coffee, along with an equal number of positive health studies. So, what's the deal? Is coffee good or bad for you?

To answer this all-important coffee question, we'll need to discuss "The Good, The Bad, and The Yummy."

The Good: Recent studies paint an extremely positive picture when it comes to the various health benefits of a cup of Joe. For example, a study by the National Cancer Center in Tokyo found that people who drink at least 1 or 2 cups of coffe each day have a lower chance of getting liver cancer. This is a big deal, considering that the American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 19,000 new cases of liver cancer were discovered last year.

Another 2009 study found that powerful antioxidants present in coffee can lower a person's risk of acquiring Alzheimer's disease. Yet another study reported that drinking caffeinated coffee has a "striking protective effect" on preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

For all of you dieters out there, each time you drink a cup of coffee, your metabolism with get a boost for approximately two hours. When it comes to losing weight, metabolism is the name of the game!

The Bad: Now, on the negative side of the coffee bean, your favorite cup of cafe' is loaded with caffeine (unless you're drinking decaf of course)! For most daily coffee drinkers, caffeine can be very addicting. If you don't believe this, try hiding your wife's bag of coffee just before she wakes up. (You thought Swine Flu was scary). Taken in moderation, caffeine is not going to ruin your health, but like most things, the key is MODERATION.

Another long-held belief about coffee is that it is a diuretic, meaning that it increases your urinary output which can lead to dehydration. However, according to an article on, coffee may not actually "affect our fluid balance." If you want to be on the safe side, all you have to do is drink an extra cup of water for every cup of coffee you drink during the day. At the worst, you'll be plenty hydrated!

Lastly, when it comes to pesticides, coffee beans tend to be one of the most heavily sprayed products on the planet. If this doesn't sound appetizing, all you have to do is reach for a hot cup of organic coffee.

The Yummy: Let's face it, coffee is delicious. With all of the new flavor varieties and fancy coffee concoctions available, we truly live in the golden age of java. Scientifically, our sense of smell is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain, so just the aroma of coffee can make us feel calm, happy, and content.

As America works its way out of a major recession, and people find themselves stressed-out and discouraged, it's nice to know that a simple cup of coffee can provide us with some minor comfort and some major health benefits!

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